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What Does God Have to Say About Criminal Justice?               Murder?       The Death Penalty?      Abortion?     Pornography?     Forgiving?                                          

Eden's Tree of Death - Understanding Theology & Criminal Justice in the Shadow of God's Law.

Are you a Christian perplexed over the laws of the Bible?  What do they all mean?  What bible laws should be used by civil government and which ones should not?  Is criminal justice really at the heart of the Gospel message?  Did you know that what you believe about criminal justice and the law can influence your understanding of key passages of the bible?  What is the relationship between the Tree of Knowledge, mentioned in Genesis, to criminal law and the death penalty?  The bible says to kill witches, does that mean our government should enforce that law?  Aren't Christians suppose to forgive everybody or not? 




God's Criminal Justice System             Two Policemen with batons.      






An Introduction to God's Criminal Justice System  and The Law presents basic concepts of a righteous criminal justice system. 

If you would like to be notified when this book becomes available to the public, or if you would like to get an advance copy, please let us know..



Publications not dealing with criminal justice, such as our extensive study of marriage and divorce, are posted on other websites.


Preaching For Every Facet of Everyday Life

                        Rough Drafts

  •   Why Should Christians Study Criminal Justice?  
    • Looking for new ideas on how to reach people with the gospel message?  Have you considered news stories about crime as an open door to talk about Christ?


  •   Do Absolute Values Exist? 
    • How do you answer someone who does not believe the Bible, especially concerning absolute values for morality?


  •  Situational Morality.  
    • What do James Dobson, Jay Sekulow, Gary Bauer, Adolf Hitler, and many independent, fundamental Baptist preachers have in common?  Perhaps the same process for determining right and wrong!


  •   Is God's Testimony Valid?  
    • Why is it not enough to say, "God says it, that settles it?" 


  •   The Flow of Moral Authority  
    • One reason why Christians are losing the battle over morality in America is because they do not understand authority flow; and this misunderstanding is why their political strategies will end up as dismal failures.
  •    The Origins of Imprisonment  
    • Here is one topic that Christians become heavily involved with, but we doubt they have ever heard a sermon on the topic!  This is an excellent side study to give a quick overview on how prisons or jails actually fit into God's Criminal Justice System as compared to popular prison use today.  


  •     Passing Judgment  
    • A brief look at ancient legal systems, such as the Code of Hammurabi, with comparisons to the Mosaic Code.


  •    Why Are There Two Sets of Ten Commandments in the Bible?  
    • Originally written as answer to an atheist on why there are two different sets of the Ten Commandments found in the bible.  Commentaries usually overlook this fascinating oddity of the bible, but atheists see it as a means to discredit the authority of God's Word.  Find out the answer to the probing question of why there are two versions of the Ten Commandments in Scripture.


  •    Church Discipline  
    • The church cannot give to the world what it does not posses.  What happened to righteous judgment in the church?


  •       Self Supporting
    • Want to test your faith?  Enter the workforce.



  • Many other titles are available on various topics of Christian living.   Check out the samples on the law and criminal justice listed above.







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