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why you should not use your kids as missionaries to the public school.

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The education of children is not supposed to be a  function of civil government, according to Christianity and Judaism.  When you have someone forcibly take money from your neighbor to pay for the education of your children, it is theft - even when it is the government doing the taking.  Christians should oppose theft and demand that civil government not overstep its God-given boundaries.

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There are things to consider in becoming a military chaplain.  For one, the superior officer over you is also a chaplain.  You do not choose your superior officer.  He may be a member of a cult, an apostate church, or a woman desiring to be a pastor.  Serving in the military also has its own problems.  The military is certainly a mission field, but you must assess whether you would be best serving inside or outside the chain of command.  Civilian ministries serving military personnel can many times be more effective than being within the ranks.  However, there are various mission boards geared to help get conservative missionaries into chaplain programs; and you will especially need their help if you graduated from a non-accredited college.  (Since the above was written, over ten years passed and saw chaplains being courtmartialed for simply living out their Christian faith to honor Scripture.)

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