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NightLight Christian Adoptions  What happens to all those extra frozen embryos that are not used during in vitro-fertilization?  They are either destroyed (killing unique genetically coded human beings), butchered for stem-cell research, or couples struggling with infertility can have one implanted to give birth to and raise their own child.  Yes, the wife gives birth to the child herself using the embryo donated from someone else.

Sex Offender Database (Since our government is smarter than God and allows these convicts to live, we provide this link for you to find out known sex offenders living in your neighborhood).  Also check out the Urban legend link in the upper left corner of the page.

Child Predators .com


Mugshots.com (Curious collection of mugshots)

Colorado Right to Life or American Right to Life  Tony Robinson is a member of Colorado Right to Life and is a founding member of American Right to Life. 

International Cops for Christ  Co-founder John McTernan served as a federal agent for 26 years until retiring in 1998. In 1974 John became involved with the Pro-Life Movement and is a Pro-Life leader in central Pennsylvania.  He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is married and the father of four children.  In the early 80's he cofounded UCFC where he serves as an ordained chaplain and evangelist.  He is also the founder of Branch of David ministries and has spent thousands of hours with Jews and Muslims debating and corresponding in defense of the Gospel.


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Vmyths - computer virus hoaxes and more

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Quack Watch

The Alabama Pro-Life Coalition Education Fund, Inc endorsed a wicked, pro-choice ruling.  Christians are generally not discerning enough to realize that when they endorse a wicked law that regulates abortion (try regulating rape), pro-choice groups will fight it as a public relations move: it is a win-win situation for pro-choice groups because stupid Christians will dig in to defend what ultimately helps pro-choicers and pro-choicer use the Christian's legislation as a poster child to raise more money from their ignorant supporters.

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