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Dare to be different!

We are a small assembly of believers focused upon upholding absolute morality and educating people regarding godly principles for addressing current events, especially when it comes to crime.  Like the message of creation scientists, our core message concerning God's Criminal Justice System crosses denominational boundaries and is just as important - though few preachers recognize the need.


Supreme Justice exists to introduce people to the unique ministry of equipping believers in how to use criminal justice and forensic science principles found in the Bible to aid their understanding of Scripture and to further their witness.  Most of the articles on the website avoid being a "spoiler" to the teaching part of the outreach.  Our primary speaker is an ordained, degreed minister that has been quoted by news outlets such as USA Today and MSNBC News.


If you are familiar with Kirk Cameron's use of the law to convict sinners in evangelization, we go much further in a way that you will find challenging and encouraging.


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